Nutritelligence Partners with Cremoloso to Create the First Healthy Gelato

Cremoloso Gelato

London, United Kingdom Apr 15, 2024 ( - Nutritelligence is the official sales and marketing agent for Intelligent Sugar GmbH,  offering food and beverages companies licensing and consultancy services. Nutritelligence has partnered with Fabiano Franzoso, the creative chef behind Cremoloso Gelato to create the first gelato with Dr Coys sugar mixtures.

Intelligent Sugar is a German company founded by Dr Johannes Coy to raise awareness about the adverse effects of sugar and healthier, natural sugar alternatives. The patented formula of Dr Coys sugar mixtures replaces classic sugar with low glycaemic options that eliminate sugar spikes, energy crashes, and cravings.

With over 70 scientific publications, Dr Coys research combines metabolism, genetics, oncology, and nutrition. He uncovered a metabolic pathway and gene (TKTL1) that explains why sugar is both dangerous and critical for our health.

After experimenting with classic flavours such as pistachio and fior di latte, a full range of gelato by Cremoloso with Dr Coy sugars will soon be available.

It maintains the flavours and textures without the use of traditional sugar and has less calories. The use of Dr. Coys sugars helps stabilise blood sugar levels and maintains tooth mineralisation without compromising on taste.

Health-conscious customers can still enjoy a sweet treat by choosing a gelato with scientifically backed natural ingredients.

It was an interesting challenge to find the right texture and maintain the stability of the gelato, and I had to test how Dr. Coys Sugars reacted to the other ingredients, explained Fabiano Franzoso, chef at Cremoloso Gelato. By working closely with Nutritelligence and Dr. Coy, we found the exact ratio of Dr Coys sugars to create the perfect gelato. Whats more, this range of products is healthier and has fewer calories than other gelatos with traditional sugars, so I am sure they will be a hit with our consumers.

Managing Director and Partner at Nutritelligence, Ali Ghaidan, said,

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This is a very exciting opportunity for Nutritelligence to partner with Cremoloso to create the first gelato with Dr Coys sugars. Weve worked with pastry chefs to successfully perfect the baking element of desserts and now we are on the verge of breaking into the world of gelato with the help and expertise of Fabiano.

Nutritelligence is dedicated to enabling food and beverage companies to raise the bar for healthy eating by improving an existing product line or developing a new range of products. By raising awareness with Dr. Coys Stamp of Authority, which certifies Dr. Coys science-backed sugars in the product, customers can trust they are making a healthier choice.

Dr. Coys Sugars present a unique opportunity to the health food market by offering novel science-based products and techniques that minimize the drawbacks of conventional sugars, explained Max della Torre e Tasso, Head of Business Development and Marketing and Partner at Nutritelligence.

If you work in the food and beverage industry and would like to explore introducing Dr Coys sugars in your own recipes, please get in touch with [email protected].

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