Former Boxer Elmo Hudson Talks About His Groundbreaking Book in an Interview with Emmy Award Winner, Logan Crawford

Former Boxer Elmo Hudson Exclusive Interview with Emmy Award Winner Logan Crawford

Vancouver, British Columbia May 15, 2024 ( - In this engaging interview, Elmo Hudson, characterized by his faith and resilience, delves into his latest work, "First Survival of Alzheimers: Healed by the Holy Spirit," recounting his remarkable journey from battling Alzheimer's Disease to attaining extraordinary recovery. He narrates his struggle with high blood pressure alongside his extraordinary healing journeyall while maintaining an unwavering commitment to his beliefs. Diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease in 2008, Elmo endured a tumultuous path marked by numerous psychiatric treatments, hospitalizations, and seven years of being confined to bed. Yet, a pivotal moment unfolds as he describes a spiritual awakening during his return from a church convention in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Holy Spirit intervened, leading to his miraculous recovery. 

Throughout the interview, Elmo reflects on his steadfast faith, attributing his healing to prayer and fasting disciplines he has diligently observed since 1995. He acknowledges his mother and sister for instilling in him the significance of fasting as a spiritual practice.

Despite encountering frightening challenges, Elmo remained firm in his faith and determination. Logan Crawford, acknowledging Elmo's resilience, characterizes him as an "All-American Hero," highlighting his accomplishments as a boxer and his service as a machine gun operator during the Vietnam War.

Elmo's passion for boxing radiates as he fondly recalls his favorite fighters, including Sugar Ray Leonard and the legendary Joe Louis, whom he esteems as the "knockout king." He expresses his delight in revisiting his boxing days through writing, describing the process of penning his book, "Boxer of the Year: Hudson Vgm," as a gratifying journey that allowed him to infuse his spirit into every page.

When asked about his wife's response to his miraculous recovery from Alzheimers, Elmo's expression beams with joy as he describes her reaction as "excellent," expressing gratitude for her unwavering support throughout his journey.

Reflecting on his journey, Elmo emphasizes the significance of faith coupled with action, asserting that "faith without works is dead." His story serves as a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the miraculous possibility that awaits those who refuse to surrender to despair.

The interview with Elmo Hudson provides a touching glimpse into the transformative influence of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity. Don't miss this inspiring conversation, airing exclusively on The Spotlight Network TV.

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